Advice for device manufacturers: Part II

At Creative Medical Research, we've worked across many projects in the field of Diabetes and we're always grateful to our research participants for their time but it's not often we get the chance to share their opinions on a wider scale. At DPC we ended up with several hours of footage so condensing their comments in to two short videos was a task in itself. In this second video our interviewees did not disappoint. Click on the video to hear their views and advice for manufacturers.

What advice would you give manufacturers of diabetes products?

The conference saw many specialist Diabetes Nurses attend, along with dietitians, podiatrists and consultants to name but a few of the professions, all giving us their valuable feedback and advice for manufacturers.

It’s clear from this video that all HCPs are eager to be involved in the product development process ensuring that the information available to the patient is succinct and simple to comprehend. The patient is going to get their first taste of the product from their HCP, so where possible the advice is to ensure manufacturers are not adding to the HCPs ever increasing workload with an over complicated device and instructions. Ultimately the patient comes first with the HCP acutely aware that compliance is the key to the success of a product.

Click here to watch HCPs share their opinions on what manufacturers can do better and how they can better support HCPs.

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