New Video: HCPs share their opinions for improving devices

It's fair to say that at Creative Medical Research, we like a challenge. Deciding to have a stand at the Diabetes Professional Care conference (DPC) 3 days before it began on World Diabetes Day, remains one that felt like a crazy decision (according to our Marketing Director anyway) but one that we'll certainly consider a successful one. We talked to many HCPs over those two days and even got to film their thoughts and opinions. Here you'll find what they told us.

Diabetes Professional Care and World Diabetes Day

This isn’t the first time we’ve exhibited at the DPC having previously attended in 2017. Our objective on both occasions has been to gain opinion from delegates about diabetes management and the daily challenges they face in treating people with diabetes (PWD). The conference is a unique and engaging event that attracts many healthcare professionals who are involved in the prevention, treatment and management of diabetes and so provided CMR with a perfect platform to achieve our objective.

The Big News

There was already much hype in the news on the day the conference started for it not only being World Diabetes day but that NHS England had announced their decision to fund the flash glucose monitor, FreeStyle Libre. This is a huge advance for people living with diabetes and a conversation that was high priority at the conference itself.

What were we thinking?

Our next challenge was how to engage with the delegates and build on our findings from last year’s activity. At DPC 2017 we encouraged HCPs to carry out a short survey to share their views on medical devices. Download a selection of the findings where you’ll find the key challenges HCPs face when treating PWD.

HCP Opinion from DPC 2017

HCPs on Film

This year we devised two activities, one to test the delegates knowledge of brands (we’ll share our findings soon) and video interviews to allow HCPs to provide their advice on what manufacturers can do better and how they can further support HCPs. The stand was inundated with volunteers to share their advice.

Part 1

In the first of two videos, we asked delegates what they believed manufacturers could do better and how they can support HCPs more. You’ll find their views on device features, their thoughts on patient information literature and how manufacturers can better support the HCPs in their roles as prescribers. We’ve compiled just a few of the many soundbites that we believe offer great insight for any medical device manufacturer.

“Hone in on what the patients want rather than what the healthcare professional wants”

“Very often patients who don’t see themselves in materials feel very excluded.”