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CMR case study: improving medical device sales through online & CATI monitoring

Our client wanted to understand the reasons behind inconsistent sales of a recently launched blood glucose meter. While sales exceeded expectations in some markets, slower than anticipated results were seen in others. So what was the story? CMR was brought on board to find out.

Taken at face value it was difficult for our client to understand the story behind these medical device sales figures. CMR was brought in to develop a methodology that would give our client’s marketing team an insight into sales performance both for its own product and those of its closest competitors.

Results for this project

CMR’s analysis enabled the client to set marketing strategy at the start of the year and then review it six months in. It gained a clear insight into the impact of reps, the extent to which messaging was effective and the impact on its share of mind/voice as a result of changes in competitor strategy or new product launches.

We came up with a methodology that covered 22 markets across the EMEA region. Mixing online and Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI), CMR conducted interviews with the key recommenders/prescribers in each country. Encompassing Endocrinologists and Diabetes Nurses/Educators, the methodology was conceptualised as a bi-annual survey. Using native speakers to conduct interviews in the respondent's language ensured consistency across all markets. CMR produced country specific reports as well as an overall EMEA region report, both of which told the story of the sales figures and gave clear recommendations to our client as to how they could improve sales.
George Ashford - CEO