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CMR case study: Pre-launch intelligence gathering for Clement Clarke International

Having developed the original portable Peak Flow meter, Clement Clarke International (CCI) has been a leader in the respiratory field for over 35 years.

With the launch of two new medical devices imminent, Clement Clarke was seeking to gain insight into two key areas; the ways in which asthmatics engage with peak flow meters and spacers, and perceptions of respiratory nurses with regard to patient interaction with spacers.

Results for this project

CMR’s work helped CCI to ensure its products were ready for launch, demonstrating CCI’s commitment to post marketing surveillance to its regulatory authority.

We came up with a methodology that looked at how patients use asthma monitoring devices and the actions they take as a result of what the device tells them. We conducted an online survey among users and healthcare professionals. The survey also investigated patient and nurse usage of spacers and the issues surrounding their portability and cleaning.
Alper Hulusi - Research Director
The work was conducted by CMR with sensitivity to the framework of the regulations covering our industry and has augmented the material that we can use with our regulatory authority to demonstrate our commitment to post marketing surveillance. CCI submitted three academic posters to an international clinical meeting as a direct result.
Mark Sanders - Managing Director, CCI