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CMR case study: using digital ethnography to understand unmet needs

CMR was commissioned by a leading wound care manufacturer to conduct research that would generate market understanding in order to develop a strategy for driving sales of its specialist dressing used in the management and treatment of advanced, highly exuding cavity wounds.


  1. Digital ethnography: Over a two-week period, wound care specialist nurses, community nurses, general nurses and GPs/PCPs across the UK, the US, France, Spain and Brazil submitted video case studies, photographs and written diaries, providing granular detail and a ‘fly on the wall’ vision of wound care management practices associated with the specialist dressing product.
  2. Video depth interviews: 60-minute follow-up interviews were conducted with each of the respondents participating in the ethnographic activities to enable a greater understanding of current practices to be built.

Results for this project

The research unlocked understanding of unmet, ill-met and unarticulated needs associated with the specialist dressing, which was used by CMR’s
client to informed product and value proposition development.