Hot Topics series: Abbott Freestyle Libre ? Summary Report

We recently undertook a piece of independent research to uncover user perceptions of Abbott FreeStyle Libre. The FreeStyle Libre came from leftfield, taking the market by surprise and having heard a lot of anecdotal feedback about its performance we wanted to find out what users really think.

Having worked on many projects in the BGM and CGM space, we were curious about the FreeStyle Libre and its impact on users. We carried out an online survey with UK based users and then invited eight to take part in a focus group in London in April 2016.

The discussion covered the decision making process for purchasing, the way in which it fits into the user?s therapy regimen, its impact on their lives and any changes or improvements they would make to the second generation device. It also looked at why the FreeStyle Libre might have been chosen over a standard CGM.

You can access the summary report by clicking on the link below:

FreeStyle Libre Summary Report