Data Integrity Series. Chapter 5: AI vs. Humans

Online surveys have become an invaluable tool for researchers, businesses, and organisations seeking to gather insights from a wide range of respondents. However, ensuring the quality of the data collected in online surveys is an ongoing...

Data Integrity Series. Chapter 3: Bot Awareness 101

In the context of online market research surveys, bots refer to automated scripts or computer programs designed to mimic human behaviour and submit responses to surveys automatically. Understanding the importance of identifying bots is...

Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Navigating market research with a limited budget

Now, more than ever, a priority for all of us at CMR is helping our clients to maximise the benefits of their research spend and make cost-effective use of allocated budget. Here, we’d like to share some of the considerations we...

Is Online the default methodology

When Online Qual Research Became the Default

In 2020 a global pandemic hit, impacting individuals and businesses on a significant level. Among the businesses to be impacted was the market research industry. For some, business came to a standstill, for others, they were forced and...

Christmas Movie Recreations

The festive period of 2022 had a different vibe to it, our first Christmas out of the significant restrictions of a pandemic and yet with the impact of the cost of living crisis, we wanted to share a little comic relief amongst our...

Dashing around

This year, we're reflecting on a dash of goodwill for a festive finish to 2019. Take two team, £150 budget and shopping list each, several video phones and a great deal of determination and competitive nature and you have a charity...

New appointments at CMR

CMR makes 4 new hires

The last 8 months have been tough for many businesses, but at CMR we're delighted to have welcomed four new members of staff to the team. Meet Maria, Sash, Leanna and Amy who have hit the ground running and settled in to the new norm of...

CMR boosts the senior team

Creative Medical Research has appointed Dr Matt Higgs as Head of Insights. The newly established role is an essential development in the continuing growth of the company.

Join our team: Research Project Manager

CMR is growing. Would you like to join a friendly and lively team at our offices just outside of Ipswich? Take a look at the spec for this Research Project Manager role that we're hiring for.

CMR celebrates successful Management Buyout

It's a big year for CMR as we're celebrating the successful completion of a management buy out. CEO George Ashford, is now the sole owner of Creative Medical Research and he's got big plans for the company.

My Diabetes Story: A trial for the better

Luci, Operations Manager at CMR has documented living with Diabetes via the CMR blog over the last few years. Here she shares how recently she took part in a new device trial and how her diabetes and therefore management of it has changed.

Tactful screening

A recent challenging recruit saw CMR required by the client to screen against household income, a question that did evoke a lively discussion about how questions could be perceived as intrusive or awkward if not dealt with tactfully....

Specialists in HF recruitment

Getting the best from your recruiter

Hayley Algar, Director of Participant Recruitment at Creative Medical Recruit reviews the common challenges faced by recruiters and offers her top tips for maximising your study outputs with the recruiter you've chosen.

CMR awarded BSI accreditation

We're delighted that we have been awarded ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard as well as being the worlds most adopted QMS.

Season’s Greetings

As we come to a close of a very enjoyable and successful 2018 for Creative Medical Research and Creative Medical Recruit, our staff have been sharing their highlights for this year on our Social Media channels. We'd like to take this...

Advice for device manufacturers: Part II

At Creative Medical Research, we've worked across many projects in the field of Diabetes and we're always grateful to our research participants for their time but it's not often we get the chance to share their opinions on a wider scale....

Why do creative testing with a specialist agency?

After spending a number of years in consumer and media quantitative market research, Matt, our quant specialist and a Research Manager at CMR, has spent the 18 months working in the medical device sector. Whilst the skillsets clearly cross...

New Infographic: Implantable CGM sensors

We do like a lively discussion at CMR but sometimes you can't resolve a debate until you have sound and reasonable information to back up your point. So we thought we'd get a clearer understanding for ourselves and look at why people with...

Cognitive Interviews

Improving survey design through cognitive interviews

Beyond skilfully designing, piloting and carefully assessing pilot survey results, how do you know that your survey questions have been understood, processed and answered as intended? Surely, if responses provided during a pilot phase are...

Mölnlycke commissions CMR to deliver insights

It's a common challenge for many NHS departments to ensure they can make cost savings wherever possible and yet still be able to deliver high-quality products. Unable to always fully comprehend product benefits, payers can sometimes...

New Report: Global Influencers in Diabetes

Technological advances in diabetes devices are seen to be device company led rather than offering a tailored people-centric approach according to Creative Medical Research's latest report. Findings also identified that the speed of product...

International diabetes bloggers focus group

Creative Medical Research held the first Global Trends and Unmet needs Focus Group featuring 6 top diabetes bloggers. As we expected it to, the discussion flowed and delivered some interesting insights. Here you can find the video to the...

Hot topics in diabetes management

Our guest author is Annie Astle, an award winning diabetes blogger who is more commonly found writing The Understudy Pancreas. We asked Annie to provide her take on just two of the headlining areas currently impacting upon diabetes...

Medical Market research

Sensitive Research

As a market researcher, your participant's well-being is always paramount. Despite working in a seemingly pragmatic sector, medical device research can often garner a highly emotional response, from what you assumed was a straight forward...

CMR’s commitment to GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has replaced the Data Protection Act in the UK and is concerned with the handling and protection of EU citizens' personal data. As many of the GDPR's main concepts and principles are much the...

Key benefits of online focus groups

Top five reasons to consider online focus groups

Focus groups have always been a staple method in the market researcher?s portfolio and there?s no doubt the rich and effective opinions that they can deliver to guide the manufacturing of a product through any part of its development...

CMR festive message

Seasons Greetings

Wishing our clients, research participants and suppliers a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous 2018

CMR at Diabetes Professional Care 2017

This year, CMR will be having a stand at the Diabetes Professional Care conference at Olympia on the 15th and 16th November 2017. Despite being experts in the field, this event is a great opportunity for us to continue to develop on our...

What to look for in a medical market research agency

Every year, medical device manufacturers spend huge sums on product development. Successful decisions about how that product will look, how it will work, labelling, packaging and price don't happen in a vacuum but are based on hard...

Type 1 Diabetic Luci Talbot Clarke (centre, right), with her team at Creative Medical Research.

My Diabetes story part 5: support

With nearly two decades? experience of delivering Diabetes market research, CMR has a deep understanding of diabetes management. And that?s good news for Type 1 Diabetic and CMR employee, Luci Talbot Clarke.

CMR – in a nutshell

New to Creative Medical Research? Download this PDF to learn a little about our approach, our clients and the kinds of projects we can help you with.

Lucozade with its high sugar content can be a lifesaver for diabetics, as CMR's Luci Talbot Clarke describes in her blog.

My Diabetes story part 3: how I manage hypos

Hypoglycemia - or a "hypo" - happens when there's an abnormally low level of glucose in the blood. CMR's Luci Talbot Clarke (who had her first hypo at the tender age of 10) describes what it's like.

Close-up of CMR Operations Manager Luci Talbot Clarke with her diabetes management device

My Diabetes story part 2: from DAFNE to devices

From a blood testing meter big enough to fit in a rucksack to tiny continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems: Luci Talbot Clarke lives with T1 diabetes. Here she shares her experience of how Diabetes management has changed over the years.

Four reasons to engage in usability testing

Usability testing in a market research context can reveal deep insights into user experience and positively influence device design. CMR's Alper Hulusi considers the key benefits of usability testing for medical device manufacturers.

Why take part in market research?

Market research offers exciting opportunities for participants willing to share their experiences. We take a look at just some of the compelling reasons to engage in market research - and how to get involved.

Clued up: towards a holistic view of patient care

With smart technology, patients have more information at their fingertips than ever. So how can manufacturers tap into the new generation of clued up patients and use their experiences to create better devices and treatments?

diabetes is a key therapy area for Creative Medical Research

Diabetes, devices and market research

Market research provides patients with an opportunity to share experiences and provides manufacturers with actionable insights that improve patients' lives. We take a look at a diabetes focus group this National Diabetes Awareness Month.

Video: Medical Research in Healthcare

Medical device manufacturers recognise that patient input is key to creating better products and treatments. This Sky documentary featuring CMR explains how well-designed market research can turn the patient voice into tangible action...

CMR to feature in new healthcare documentary

We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with B2B broadcaster, Executive TV, to produce a new documentary on patient-centricity in healthcare. The 30-minute broadcast will air on Sunday 30th October at 10:30am on Sky digital...

What is ethnographic research?

Ethnography is a research method that can help us gain deep insights into the context of users' daily lives. In a new video, CMR Research Director Alper Hulusi discusses its value to medical device manufacturers.

Tips For Utilising MaxDiff in Market Research

MaxDiff can help market researchers generate robust insights where a plethora of outputs are up for grabs. In part two of her blog, CMR Research Manager Sarah Mackinnon shares her top tips to help you maximize MaxDiff in your own study.

Why choose MaxDiff?

Maximum Difference Scaling - aka MaxDiff - is a form of statistical analysis that can help market researchers ascertain which insights will deliver the greatest return on investment. In the first of a two-part blog, CMR Research Manager,...

Using Qual to get better value from pricing research

Pricing research is a critical step in the product lifecycle. CMR?s CEO, George Ashford looks at the role that qualitative research can play in its delivery. Pricing research is a numbers game. So what role can qualitative research...

Toying with gamification

Coined in 2002, the phrase ?gamification? is a buzzword in the market research industry. But what is it and how can we use it to give clients better results? Take a look at CMR;s overview of gamification, one of the key innovations in...

Does Doctor really know best?

If you want to know what patients think, don?t just ask healthcare professionals. CMR?s CEO, George Ashford highlights the benefit of gauging the patient?s view and the dangers of ignoring it.

The Sunshine Act

What is it and what does it mean for market research? Market research is subject to increasing rules around privacy, consent and participant compensation. Director of Participant Recruitment at MediVoice Recruit, Hayley Algar looks at...

Should we trust the wisdom of the crowds?

As market researchers we find it counter-intuitive to believe that a large group of random individuals may collectively give us more accurate responses than a handful of experts. But that?s exactly what the wisdom of crowds theory tells us...

Innovations in anaesthesia

With Anaesthesia being one of CMR?s strongest areas, we conducted a survey with 100+ European anaesthesiologists to gain their views on the future landscape of technology within anaesthesiology.


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