Clued up: towards a holistic view of patient care

With smart technology, patients have more information at their fingertips than ever. So how can manufacturers tap into the new generation of clued up patients and use their experiences to create better devices and treatments?

In the last five years, technology has transformed the ways patients interact both with their healthcare professional and their condition, creating a holistic view of the patient journey.

On one hand, internet based social channels and forums have enabled patients to seek out new products, purchase them direct, and review them with peers. Now, they may better understand their diagnosis, what’s out there in terms of devices, and can play a part in their care by going to their HCP and suggesting what they should be using.

On the other, technology has enabled patients to take far greater control in the management of their condition. Connected devices injectors and inhalers for example – that integrate with smartphones allow patients to understand what’s happening with their bodies and to influence their behaviour, both long and short term.

There are benefits for the healthcare professional too. As we see more and more devices talking to each other, especially in a hospital setting, HCPs can gain a holistic view of the patient journey. This in turn can influence positive (and mutual) decision-making based on the data involved and ultimately improve the standard of care.

Technology: where to go next?

Understanding patient behavior and motivations for new technology is undoubtedly invaluable to the manufacturer. Yet cutting through the vast amount of information, feedback and anecdotal evidence can be a challenge.

This has created a valuable opportunity for market researchers to engage with patients. Through market research, medical device manufacturers may gain key nuggets of information, for example: Why did patients choose one product over a competitor’s  What do and don’t they like about the product, its packaging? What would influence them to persevere with a device?

Harnessing these insights will directly influence a manufacturers? product direction and lifecycle, which has benefits for patients and manufacturers alike.

In this short video, CMR’s Lucy Snowdon and George Ashford discuss:

  • The impact of technology on the patient / HCP relationship
  • Connected health where are we on the journey?
  • The benefits of connected health to patients and HCPs

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