Product development

Our work will help you discover unmet needs in the marketplace and to evaluate and test your ideas for feasibility and usability. We offer end-to-end product development services tailored to the needs of your project: from initial needs analysis and evaluation of new opportunities to market assessment, concept testing, usability and product refinement.

Price modelling

Delivering your product at the right entry point is critical. At CMR, we’ll help you realise the optimum return on investment, while also offering value to your end-users. We can help you identify the most appropriate price in the context of the competitive landscape, assess likely market share and better understand the medical device procurement process.

Marketing communications

Our marketing communications research services are designed to help you develop and test the most appropriate messages based around the requirements of your target audience. Working alongside CMR’s research managers, we’ll help you evaluate your marketing collateral, test your product’s strengths, and deliver detailed sales aid testing.