Mölnlycke commissions CMR to deliver insights

It's a common challenge for many NHS departments to ensure they can make cost savings wherever possible and yet still be able to deliver high-quality products. Unable to always fully comprehend product benefits, payers can sometimes perceive specialist products that improve outcomes for the end-user, as commodities. At Creative Medical Research we have extensive experience of delivering clear insights in relation to the requirements of those using specialist products, enabling our clients to execute effective marketing strategies.

Mölnlycke Health Care approached CMR to collect evidence to highlight the importance of using high quality surgical gloves in the NHS. Practising UK surgeons were surveyed to investigate if high quality surgical gloves improve surgical safety and create long term value for the NHS. CMR was commissioned to deliver the findings using an online survey amongst 61 eminent surgeons. M?lnlycke has now released the findings in the form of this infographic and has kindly allowed CMR to also share it.

The headlining points highlight that surgeons are in agreement that high quality gloves do deliver long term value, improve surgical efficiency and patient outcomes and are essential in improving both clinician and patient safety. For further information about the findings and Mölnlycke’s campaign, take a look here

George Ashford, CEO said “Ensuring that any campaign is strong enough to have a positive impact is greatly enhanced by having robust and clear data to support your case. At CMR we ensure we develop methodologies to deliver clear and purposeful insights. We’re delighted that our analysis has enabled Mölnlycke to highlight important issues and build an evidence-based case in support of their product, not least because of the value this will add to the work of surgeons within the NHS”.


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