International diabetes bloggers focus group

Creative Medical Research held the first Global Trends and Unmet needs Focus Group featuring 6 top diabetes bloggers. As we expected it to, the discussion flowed and delivered some interesting insights. Here you can find the video to the focus group in full.

Diabetes is an area that CMR is passionate about having worked across a multitude of medical devices associated with its management. So passionate that we actually undertake research at our own expense. Take a look at our analysis of the FreeStyle Libre when it was fresh on the scene.

Whilst we’ve often focused studies on how a device has impacted on a person living with diabetes and we regularly gain insights from HCPs, we felt compelled to review the views of those who could also be considered experts in the field of diabetes and therefore influencers in their own right. Whilst it remains integral to those with diabetes that they have excellent relationships with their healthcare professionals, they often tell us that they have a strong desire to understand their options and ensure they are adequately meeting their own individual needs. They therefore look to the support of the diabetes online community and, for this piece of research, so too did we.


Our online focus group comprised 6 international bloggers from the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Sweden and the US. You can watch this group in its entirety but you’ll see that despite all coming from different markets where funding for devices clearly differs, they were all in agreement about several key headlining points.

Summary findings:

  • Bloggers believe people with diabetes should be involved in product development at an early stage to ensure the success of the products?
  • Manufacturers should consider testing their marketing materials with people with diabetes prior to release #Languagematters
  • The DIY movement is increasing and requires device manufacturers to be flexible #werenotwaiting
  • They were passionate that manufacturers consider the person not just the device; features should meet the individual’s needs

We’ll be publishing a summary further detailing our take on these points along with the other areas discussed, so if you haven’t already registered your interest, please email for notification when the summary becomes available.