Dashing around

This year, we're reflecting on a dash of goodwill for a festive finish to 2019. Take two team, £150 budget and shopping list each, several video phones and a great deal of determination and competitive nature and you have a charity supermarket dash to end all races. Take a look at the video of how the team got on.

Over the past few years our quirky festive cards have gained a little notoriety, take a look at our 2018 Christmas Card behind the scenes shoot, but given the increasing issues around climate change, sending hundreds of cards to clients across the globe didn’t feel right. We felt our money and efforts could be better spent giving back to our local community.

Whilst 2019 has seen CMR complete a successful management buyout, achieve record sales and grow the team with 7 new members of staff, we wanted to take stock and focus on what really matters for this festive period.

This year we decided to redirect the budget we would normally spend on producing, printing and delivering our Christmas cards to support FIND (Families in Need), a charity that has offered a lifeline for people in and around Ipswich for over 30 years who are experiencing poverty and despair. They provide free food parcels and personal care items for those experiencing crisis along with bedding, furniture and household items where the family or person has none.

Our activity didn’t stop at the dash, a number of the team volunteered their afternoon to deliver the goods we collected, stock the foodbank and distribute food parcels to families who couldn’t get to the premises. Part of our donation is being designated to supporting FIND’s Fuel Top up scheme to help families and those struggling to pay their bills stay warm this winter.

If you’d like to support FIND, visit their website www.findipswich.org.uk/