Video: Medical Research in Healthcare

Medical device manufacturers recognise that patient input is key to creating better products and treatments. This Sky documentary featuring CMR explains how well-designed market research can turn the patient voice into tangible action points that manufacturers can use.

We are pleased to announce that Medical Research in Healthcare ? produced by respected B2B broadcaster Executive TV?and?featuring?CMR – is now available to view.

Featuring CMR?contributors George Ashford, Lucy Snowdon and Alper Hulusi, Medical Research in Healthcare?discusses how new approaches to market research can help draw out the everyday experiences of patients and HCPs and translate this information into valuable insights.

“Medical device manufacturers spend millions of dollars on product development. The value of market research is to ensure manufacturers get the information they need to get the right products into the hands of patients and healthcare professionals,” said George Ashford, CEO for CMR.

Watch the broadcast to learn:

  • The importance of patient insight in early stage development
  • How qualitative research can tap into unmet needs
  • The role of focus groups and the value of ethnography
  • How market research can?help reach?different target audiences

Medical Research in Healthcare was first aired on Sky Digital Channel 189 on Sunday 30th October. It will be repeated on the same channel on Sunday 27th November at 10:30 GMT.

To learn how market research delivers insights for commercial success, download this independent report from CMR:?Exploring User Experience – Abbott Freestyle Libre