Why take part in market research?

Market research offers exciting opportunities for participants willing to share their experiences. We take a look at just some of the compelling reasons to engage in market research - and how to get involved.

Every day, thousands of patients and healthcare professionals interact with medical devices. Getting involved in market research – whether that’s?through an?online survey, one-to-one interview or group discussion – can influence device development, helping to?make these devices the best they can be.?Here?are some reasons?why CMR participants engage in market research with us.

To speak out:?we?don?t know what it?s like to manage a life-changing condition, but our patients and HCPs do. The market research setting creates a relaxed, professional and non-judgemental space where firsthand views can be safely exchanged and shared.

To meet like-minded people: the thought of sharing personal experiences with strangers might seem daunting. But as you can see from this CMR video,?our participants find their experience a positive one. For some, it might be the first time that they have met a patient with the same condition, or who is using the same device.

To be?rewarded: our participants’ opinions are really important which is why we always reimburse participants for their time.

What?s involved in market research?

At CMR, we engage both in quantitative and qualitative research. Both have different applications in the research setting. Quantitative research (?Quant?) is what most people think about when they consider market research. This typically involves engaging large numbers of people in surveys who respond?via Yes/No answers and rating scales.

Qualitative (?Qual?) research focuses on going deeper into the participant?s experience and is designed to answer questions about how devices are used in a person’s daily routine.?At CMR, this usually involves group discussion or one to one interviews where participants are asked to handle devices and then provide their feedback. Learn more about the value of qualitative research.

What’s it like to be a CMR participant?

You can see an example of a recent CMR focus group we conducted.?This was a group discussion with diabetes patients who were currently using a continuous glucose monitor. Research is normally audio and video recorded for analysis purposes. Participants are always told?if the session is to be recorded, and who would see it.

Will my information be safe?

Yes. Everything participants say remains anonymous. It?s really important?that we gain?honest feedback so that devices can be best suited for the people who would actually be using them. As members of the BHBIA and the Market Research Society, we strictly adhere to their codes of conduct which include the Data Protection Act, 1998.

How can I get involved in market research?

CMR are recruiting for people to join its Participant Panel. If you have a life changing medical condition or are a healthcare professional that prescribes medical devices, then you could be eligible to join. To learn more about our paid for market research and to sign up for free, please email recruitment@creativemedicalresearch.com and one of our recruiters will be happy to answer any questions and register you for future studies.