Christmas Movie Recreations

The festive period of 2022 had a different vibe to it, our first Christmas out of the significant restrictions of a pandemic and yet with the impact of the cost of living crisis, we wanted to share a little comic relief amongst our friends, colleagues and clients.

For a number of years now, the team at CMR has knocked heads together to creatively deliver themed Christmas messages with a twist. Our Christmas card themes have included the team poised in chaos on a snow capped mountain, coming together for an intriguing Christmas scene by the fire and demonstrating our own mishaps at Christmas encased within a snow globe. Just prior to the pandemic we decided to be more environmentally aware and go green in our Christmas messages so we filmed our staff in a competitive challenge to split in to teams and compete in a supermarket dash to be the first ones back with supplies (take a look). We donated our supplies and time to the local food bank in Ipswich, FIND. Over the next two years of 2020 and 2021 the team went remote and so coming together proved tricky, however our charitable resolve remained a priority at Christmas and we asked our clients to help us pick charities that we would donate to.

For 2022, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get the team back together for some fun and japes, shall we say. Our idea? Christmas Movie Recreations. We’re so lucky that our team are great sports and everyone brought their A game to the photoshoot. In particular our CEO, whose commitment to the cause has never waivered and this year was no different. With a green face expertly painted by Sash his role was cemented as the Grinch who stole Christmas and boy, did he go method?! Fortunately that commitment to hating all things festive had disappeared by the time the Christmas party came around. Our photographer, Toby Gray, delivered our brief perfectly and with his photoshop wizardry really went to town with the poster creations. Check out Toby’s Instagram page, he does phenomenal product and commercial work (not just our quirky CMR eccentric Christmas shoots) and really can turn our visions in to stunning imagery.

We’re not entirely sure how we can top this for Christmas 2023 so we may well start planning around Easter time!

We’re proud to have been able to continue our tradition of supporting charities at Christmas, redirecting our budget we would have spent on printing and distributing our Christmas cards. The charities that our clients have helped to choose include:

East Anglian Air Ambulance, FIND, Future StarsLennox, Medecin Sans Frontier, UNICEF, Wateraid, WWF