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CMR case study: concept testing for next generation CGM

CMR’s client, a leading manufacturer of devices used in the management of diabetes, was in the process of developing its next generation continuous glucose monitor (CGM) device and wished to understand patients’ feedback for an early-stage product prototype.


  1. In-person depth interviews: 30-minute qualitative sessions conducted with Type 1 diabetes patients in central locations in the UK, the US and Italy, to discuss current CGM experiences, introduce the prototype device and demonstrate the process for attaching it to and removing it from the body.
  2. 2-day wear period: all participants continuously wore the prototype device on their upper arm for 48 hours, to enable assessment in their normal home environment and during day-to-day activities.
  3. Follow-up interviews: 60-minute video sessions, to discuss the participant’s experience of wearing the prototype device.

Results for this project

Insights informed the development of the next generation CGM device, helping the client to understand which device factors and features needed to be prioritized to optimize its acceptance and appeal.