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CMR case study: supporting the development of a testosterone replacement therapy

CMR’s client, a global medical device manufacturer, was developing a long-acting, injectable replacement therapy for patients diagnosed with testosterone deficiency. To inform development of the product and ensure a successful launch, research was commissioned with CMR.


Video interviews with HCPs: CMR conducted 60-minute individual depth interviews with KOLs, Urologists, Primary Care Physicians and Injection Deliverers across the US, to understand how the appropriate testosterone replacement therapy is chosen and gauge the product proposition’s appeal vs. current products being prescribed. The feedback from the HCP interviews was used to inform development of the discussion topics, tone and language used in the patient interviews.

Video interviews with patients: 60-minute interviews were completed with people diagnosed with testosterone deficiency across the US, to inform understanding of the patient journey, impact of low testosterone on day-to-day lives and what affect testosterone replacement therapy had on the patient.

Results for this project

Insights informed the client’s understanding of the drivers for therapy selection and the impact of low testosterone on a patient. As a result, the client was able to leverage this knowledge to develop the optimal injectable testosterone replacement therapy.