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CMR case study: Ensuring market acceptance of insulin pen to paediatric diabetes market

Market acceptance starts by knowing your audience - which ultimately ensures the success of your medical device. As a late entrant to the paediatric diabetes market, our client wanted to demonstrate its commitment to helping children and their parents manage their condition effectively.

CMR was engaged to assess the extent to which an insulin pen concept met the needs of this sensitive target audience. With a need to ensure clear differentiation between its offering and existing competitor pens, our client was seeking to understand perceptions of both usability and the impact that the pen’s launch would have on its brand.

Results for this project

CMR’s work enabled the client to really understand the way in which its new target audience perceived both the pen and its wider brand. It was able to refine its design to ensure that the pen maximised ease of use and compliance, whilst adding value to the wider brand. CMR created a summary video to highlight the perceived benefits of the pen to our client’s sales team and followed up this project with research to test marketing messages and support materials. As a result our client has now successfully launched its product to positive acclaim.

We came up with a methodology that pitched our client's pen against the competition. Using face-to-face interviews with children and their parents across the EU 5, US and Japan, we carried out paired usability tests. Talking participants through the various steps of using an insulin pen, our moderator encouraged direct comparison at every stage of the process. Each feature was rated on a comparison scale, highlighting the way in which our client's pen was perceived to shape up against competitor pens. Our methodology was conceptualised to help identify the key selling points of the pen, with the aim of feeding into our client's marketing efforts.
Lucy Little - Research Manager