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CMR Case Studies: Innovation in Ethnography

At CMR we look at the latest technology to help uncover unmet customer needs and gain a deeper understanding of the target audience.

Google glasses

After experimenting with Google Glass with some ‘friendly’ people with diabetes we utilised it in a project aimed at understanding how patients interact with their diabetes devices. We lent the glasses to 8 people with diabetes and asked them to undertake their usual morning regimen in their normal setting. Using Livestream, together with our client we were able to watch from the first person perspective from remote locations. The client was able to see exactly how the process of measuring fasting blood glucose levels and administering insulin was undertaken in their natural environment. The process was recorded by the glasses and together with the client we formulated questions for a follow- up interview.

Narrative Clip

Ethnographic interviews are a great way of understanding what patients do rather than what they think they do. The downside is that the interviewer’s presence can impact on normal behaviour, making the participant more self conscious than they might otherwise be. Even a slight change in behaviour can cause a shift in how participants engage with their devices or comply with their therapy regiment.

CMR has used discreet lifelogging camera, Narrative Clip to overcome this. Participants wear the camera throughout the day, with images captured every 30 seconds. Once uploaded, the images can be viewed and analysed individually, as part of a series or as a time-lapse video.