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CMR case study: using iPads to gain real-time feedback over four continents

With a product launch in the highly competitive catheter space imminent, our client was eager to ensure its sales detail aids were sufficiently focused to enable its medical device salesforce to engage with the target audience.

CMR was tasked with delivering research covering the EU, Asia, North America and South America.

Results for this project

CMR’s research gave our client the confidence that its sales detail aids were well suited to getting its key messages across. The client gained massive value from understanding exactly how the target audience instinctively reacted and exactly what was driving these reactions. It went to market having tightened messages and with feedback that gave its salesforce the belief that it was working with the best tools for the job.

We came up with a methodology that enabled us to take advantage of the large sample size. With 48 focus groups across eight markets we recognised the potential created by the size of the sample. We introduced the use of tablets (of the iPad kind) during the groups enabling us to capture immediate top-of-mind ratings for each sales detail aid. With full visibility of aggregated and individual ratings in real-time, our moderator was able to guide the discussion accordingly, probing the thoughts behind scores. What's more, we gave tablets to our clients in the backroom, enabling them to see aggregated scores right there and then.
George Ashford - CEO