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CMR case study: usability testing with a hard to reach group

As a trusted partner of Team Consulting, a globally recognised expert in the design and development of medical devices, CMR was approached to undertake the recruitment of participants for the usability testing of their latest product.

Focussing on a very low incidence patient group, it proved to be a very interesting and exciting challenge and a study which successfully played to CMR’s strengths in recruitment.

Results for this project

This study was part of the longer term development of a new respiratory device and helped Team Consulting ensure the design fully met the needs of the intended user.

We came up with a methodology that combined in-home and central location interviews. Working across the UK, Germany and the US, CMR worked with patient support groups, healthcare professionals and social media to identify and recruit suitable paediatric participants and their parents. This not only involved a high degree of persuasion, but also significant levels of sensitivity, understanding and flexibility to ensure we accommodated both the needs of the client and the target audience.
Lucy Little - Research Manager